Telemedicine Service App Reducing Healthcare Costs

With a consistent increase rate of over 12% per year, healthcare costs are becoming a significant burden on individuals and businesses.

These costs affect not only personal finances, but also the financial health of companies, resulting in increased operational expenses and decreased profits due to factors such as employee absenteeism and reduced productivity.

However, we at TeleHealth Group LLC firmly believe in the power of preventive care, which has been shown to reduce healthcare costs by up to one third.

As an example, through our interactive health management system, one cardiac patient was able to reduce his healthcare costs from $58,000 to $11,000 in just one year.

Our MyMD® service streamlines doctor-patient communication and allows patients to make appointments with available doctors at their convenience.

This easy-to-use service not only facilitates wellness advice and timely health education, but also reduces emergency visits to the ER.

It's also a simple yet effective solution for referrals, appointment scheduling, and initiating communication with doctors.

MyMD® is conveniently accessible from any location using Wi-Fi and a mobile phone, making it an asset for individual citizens, employers, employees, schools, churches, hotels, resorts, and airlines, all without increasing their medical care costs.

Whether at home or on the go, immediate health-related questions can be answered promptly with a text message to a doctor.

Join us in the fight against the $4.2 trillion spent in 2021 on healthcare.