Doctor That’s Just a Click Away

Easily Connect With Healthcare Providers Through MyMD®

Digital Healthcare Solutions Made More Accessible

Experience the power and convenience of mobile healthcare with TeleHealth Group LLC. Our innovative application, MyMD®, revolutionizes patient-doctor communication, promoting wellness and health education.

"Our aim is to make you feel comfortable when you need the doctor and make it easy and accessible."
— President and Company Spokesperson of TeleHealth Group LLC’s MyMD®

For a nominal fee, you can engage in a 24/7 text exchange with an on-call primary care physician using your smartphone or iPad. Available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play, this Wisconsin-based app service makes healthcare easy and accessible.

"It doesn't matter where you are — at home, traveling, or on vacation. When you need to talk to a doctor, you may do so by contacting him or her through your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone."

Our goal is to ensure you feel secure and comfortable, no matter where you are — be it at home, on a trip, or on vacation. You can expect a response to your text messages within 15 minutes or less.

Subscribe to our membership for $37.50 per session and thereafter, with options for employers or insurance providers to subscribe for their members.

“It's possible that a quick series of text messages can help you avoid an ER visit or a delayed doctor’s office appointment. MyMD® will be a time and money saver for patients who prefer to get knowledgeable medical advice quickly without having to wait for a visit.”

Avoid unnecessary ER visits or delayed doctor's appointments with our prompt text-based service. With MyMD®, you can receive expert medical advice quickly, saving both time and money.