The Innovative Telemedicine Company Behind the MyMD® App

TeleHealth Group LLC

About Us

At TeleHealth Group LLC, our mission is to revolutionize patient-doctor communication by providing fast, reliable, and affordable healthcare access.

We strive to create a comfortable space for patients and doctors to collaborate and make well-informed healthcare decisions. Our wellness programs and health education resources aim to empower patients and enhance their healthcare experience.

Our Objectives

  • We equip healthcare providers with advanced tools to interact with patients promptly and efficiently, ensuring accurate information is provided at all times.
  • We foster a dialogue between physicians and patients to enhance patient care by offering comprehensive health information.
  • We assist patients in making informed decisions about their healthcare.

Our platform benefits both doctors and patients. Doctors have the opportunity to participate in preventive health advice, promote good health, and expand their practices.

Patients, on the other hand, gain timely access to medical advice and can locate a nearby doctor using our GPS system locator.

Doctors may sign in for free.

TeleHealth Group LLC

Improved Experience

If you’re away on a business trip or vacation and need medical advice, MyMD® can help you quickly reach a doctor nearby via Wi-Fi or text message. You can even schedule an appointment if necessary. Our mobile app offers the following conveniences:

  • Text message for quick advice.
  • Make your appointment with the nearest available doctor.
  • GPS location of a doctor with address display.
  • No cash? Pay by PayPal or credit card.

Company Leadership

TeleHealth Group LLC has been at the forefront of digital health solutions since 1996 and has over four decades of extensive medical experience and a 16-year background in digital healthcare development.

Career Experience

MyMD® brings significant knowledge, contributing to improve public health and medical education.

TeleHealth Group LLC
TeleHealth Group LLC

Initial Claim to Fame

Our company developed for Newton, the first electronic medical record (EMR) for handheld devices. This innovation was available on App stores.

Philanthropy Efforts

At TeleHealth Group LLC, we believe in giving back to the community. We participate in community donation programs, supporting the Beaver Dam Scholarship Foundation and Family Health Organization.

Through these donations, we provide assistance to students for their education and aid victims of disasters and poverty worldwide.