Accessible Healthcare in One Convenient App

Our aim is to make you feel comfortable when you need the doctor and to make it easy and accessible.

It doesn't matter where you are — at home, traveling or on vacation — when you need to talk to a doctor, you may do so by contacting him or her through our app.

Click MyMD® will be a time-saver and a money-saver for patients who prefer to get knowledgeable medical advice with a quick series of text messages and can avoid an ER visit or a delayed doctor’s office appointment.

Download Our App

Click on the image above. iTunes will open the app with a short description, with a button labeled "Free."

Click on "Free," and your app will get installed.

Click on the image above, and Google Play will open, showing MyMD® app details.

Sign in with your Google account and click on "Install." Your app will get installed.

With our application, users can register as a patient or as a doctor.

Patients can consult with doctors for health queries.

After a successful consultation, the patient will get the doctor’s details in case he wants to make an appointment.

Both the patient and the doctor can view past consultation details.