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Health care cost and TeleHealth System

Health care cost is increasing at the rate of over 12% or more per year and has an impact on the overall expenditure of the individual or a company.

Inadequate health care of the employee’s results in absenteeism, decreased production, increased cost of business and hence decreased revenue and profit.

It has been proven that preventive care reduces health care costs by one third. One cardiac patient was able to reduce his cost of care from $58.000 to $11,000 in one year. Interactive health management is a simple way to get control and responsibility of self well-being. With the use of the service of MyMD patients will be able to communicate with a doctor within a reasonable time. Patient will be able to make an appointment with an available doctor within a reasonable time and distance. Doctors will be able to fill their appointments and provide care to the needy. Our service will provide wellness advice or answer patient’s questions and reduce emergency visits to ER. This service may be of help for referrals, making an appointment or initiating a communication with the doctor.

This service is easy to use from any location that has Wi-Fi and a cell phone. It would benefit employers and employees.

MyMD is easy to use by individuals; schools, churches, hotels/resorts and airlines without increasing their medical care costs. When an immediate answer is needed to a health related question, away from home or at home, you are able to get in touch with a doctor promptly with a text message.

$2.3 Trillion spent on Health Care per year