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About us


To provide access to healthcare that is affordable, reliable and fast. We want patients and doctors to feel comfortable helping each other at the time of making health care decisions.

  • MyMD provides tools to healthcare providers to interact with patients in timely fashion and provide reliable and correct information.
  • MyMD objectives are to facilitate physician/patient dialogue to improve patient care by providing health information.
  • MyMD would help patients make informed decision.

Doctors will enjoy the benefit of being a part of preventive health advice and promoting good health. They will keep their schedules busy. Patients and doctors will participate in reducing healthcare cost. Doctors will gain new patients to their practices.

Patients will benefit from timely access to medical advice. They may be able to make their appointment with a doctor who is nearby by GPS system locator.


Can you imagine being out on a business trip or a vacation and not being able to contact a doctor? Sometimes the choice is to go to the emergency department. What if you are far away from a medical facility and do not have a real emergency but still need some advice. Now with the help of Wi-Fi and Text message you will be able to reach a doctor nearby. Make an appointment to visit if necessary.

  • Text message for quick advice.
  • Make your appointment with the nearest available doctor.
  • GPS location of a doctor with address display.
  • No cash – pay by PayPal or a credit card.

TeleHealth Group LLC has been a provider of digital health solutions since 1996, developed first EMR for hand held device, Newton that was manufactured by Apple. Ayaz Samadani M.D., president of the company has more than 40 years of medical experience and sixteen years of digital healthcare development experience. He is director of and, web based information system to improve nutrition and health. Dr. Samadani has served in a number of leadership roles. He is the immediate past Chair of the Governor’s appointed Public Health Council, Department of Health and Family Services, Wisconsin. He is the Past President and Board member of the Wisconsin Medical Society, and served as the Chair of the CME committee for the Medical Research and Education Foundation. He served as President of the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation and Chair of Finance Committee of the Beaver Dam Scholarship Foundation.


MyMD participates in community donations program. Donations are given to Beaver Dam Scholarship Foundation and Family Health Organization that were established by Dr. Samadani. Through these donations assistance is provided to students for their education and thousand of victims of disasters and poverty are helped through out the world.